2,000 chinese citizens eat noodles from a giant pot

Celebrations welcome spring becomes lively in many parts of the world, including in China.
Quoted from Shanghaiist.com on Saturday (03/12/2016), residents in the district of Anyang, Henan Province, were gathered on Thursday, March 10th and to celebrate the annual Festival Longtaitou.

At that time, about 2,000 villagers gathered together and rollicking eating noodle dishes cooked in the pan giant Bailong Temple.

China's traditional agricultural festival is celebrated every year on the 2 months to 2 according to the Chinese calendar, and marked the beginning of spring and the agricultural season.

Residents who attended the event believe that this celebration helps avoid total disaster and prevent illness over the coming year.

Besides eating noodles, citizens across the country have also eat moon cakes, light lanterns dragon, praying for good luck, and cut the hair of their children.
According to china.org.cn, the Spring Festival is the most important for Chinese citizens.

When the festival, family members gather like Christmas in the West. Relatives who live in distant places usually back and forth so that transportation becomes very busy, even up to 2 weeks before the event.

Different from agricultural festival, page china.org.cn mention that this festival falls on a day to 1 month to 1 in the Chinese calendar and often fell a month later than the Gregorian calendar.

Spring Festival began during the Shang Dynasty (1600 to 1100 BC) when the residents bring a god to the gods and ancestral spirits.

Many customs in the Spring Festival that continues today. On day 8 months to 12 months according to the calendar, the families cook porridge profits made from glutinous rice, lotus flowers, beans, longan, gingko, and a number of other materials.

On day 23 months to 12, came hours wait. At that time, people sacrifice to the Kitchen God. But, this time the family cook delicious dishes to enjoy themselves.

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