3 Most Terrible Curse Mystery Answered by Science

3 Most Terrible Curse Mystery Answered by Science

In the past, the curse is considered as the answer to the terrible events that missed the truth. But later as the development of science, some terrible curse be missed truth.
Here the role of science in dismantling the three most terrible curse in the world.

The mummy of Pharaoh's Curse


There is one of the most famous curse surrounds the story of Pharaoh, that anyone who dared to open the tomb or grave in a pyramid pharaoh would die on the spot.
The curse is believed to be mostly Egyptians. But lately, science discovered ancient tombs entered indeed holds the potential harm to human health.
In the ancient tomb, known sarcophagus, there is a dangerous mold spores, gas ammonia, formaldehyde, and even radioactive substances like uranium.
These substances appear to result from the mummification process as well as how the closing of the environment for thousands of years.

Curse Terracotta Army of China


In 1974 residents of the village Yang in China found the most valuable artifacts in the world of 8000 artifacts from the terracotta army that is thousands of years old. But after finding valuable artefacts, the villagers suffered a miserable life.
Not because of their sin dug for research, but seven people who find it sick, among them also suffer from hunger, to suicide.
The tragedy made people believe their curse on artifacts Terracotta army. But lately, the answer turned out research in this area contains a lot of mercury contaminated water, soil, and food the locals. Mercury that eventually poison them and make health declined rapidly.

Curse at Mary King lane


There is a small street near the old building, Edinburgh, Scotland named Path Mary King. Before it opened in 2003, the line was once shrouded in mystery is quite famous. Many people claimed to see apparitions in the form of a fireball flying and other ghost sightings. Many people say when that path is haunted and cursed by the spirits of bubonic plague victims were dumped in the lane.
But studies have shown, ghost sightings are apparently caused by leaks of toxic gases from the swamp near the track. Rawa also cause humidity track makes light reflections. Toxic gases and moisture that is what makes the human eye is often affected and ultimately feel confident when they saw a ghost.

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