Reading the fate of the Left Hand Line

Read characteristics, talents, health and wealth of the watch hand lines.
This method is not to be trusted 100 percent, but at minimum you can be entertained. 

So affairs believe it or not, can be returned in person you are.

Okay, you need to prepare only a left hand. Why? according to ancient beliefs in India, China, Egypt, Arab and Greek, this hand holding your fate.

After that observe the line of hands, as quoted Boldsky, Saturday (12/03/2016) the following:

1. The line of life (lifeline)

The life lines show the vitality and physical strength. When the line is thick, you have excellent health. Conversely, the dotted line marking you are so sensitive, stressed, prone to injury and prone to diseases of life (life line)

2. Line Wedding (Marriage line)

The question of when to get married may be helped with hand lines wedding.
When the lines are short, you probably do more often rejected or one-sided love. But if you do not have a line of marriage, do not panic, because it shows no one else on your mind right now.

3. Head line

This line shows the intelligence and ways of thinking. If a line overlaps with the life line, it could be this shows you have a balance in thinking. A long line shows your mind easily controlled by others. Meanwhile, if you have more than two midline, showing you are a unique individual and creative.

4. Fate line

Fate thick line shows a dramatic life. While the thin lines show, your life depends on others. many Line signifies popular life.

5. Financial Lines

Short lines indicate boredom. While long lines indicates that you are saving.

6. Happiness Line
Happiness line is usually seen when we somewhat pursed hand. These line on the left show the possibilities of success or happiness.

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