3 Most Clever Dog Race in the World

The dog is an animal that has long been friendly to humans. Not only to assist the work of man, had dog kept because of his cute and adorable.

In fact, quoted from Huffington post, a study published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease found that having a pet, especially a dog in the home may help reduce symptoms of anxiety in children.
Before deciding to get a dog, it is worth considering his taste in order to choose the most appropriate for you and your family.
Among the many races, there are breeds of dogs are more intelligent than the others, as quoted from page Listverse, Tuesday (26/01/2016).

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is one of the most dog breeds known to man even though this race is relatively new. As the name implies, was originally breed is widely used to help oversee livestock. But this time, the German Shepherd has helped many humans with various jobs, including as most dogs help the police, searching for lost items, and acting.


Famous poodle dog breeds with fur thick, curly and usually colored white as snow, even though this breed also has a variety of colors. Poodle dog breeds actually came from Germany should be more developed in France. Medium sized Poodle is known as one of the most intelligent dog breeds, agile, and easy to socialize so easy to make friends with humans.

Border Collie

Although perhaps not so well known as other dog breeds, breeds of dogs developed in Scotland is a very lively dog breeds and is the smartest in the world. Border Collie dog breeds can understand thousands of words in human language and obey human commands given through the words. Initially, furry dog breeds and this length are used as guard animals.

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