7 Personality Types views of the shape of the foot, you where?

Humans are creatures of God's most unique. Almost every inch of the human body, have meaning. Such as fingerprints and shape of the lips, the shape of one's foot may also determine one's personality. Reporting from mobilelikez, the nature of man can be seen from the shape of the foot.

1. Rectangular Foot
Characteristics thumb, forefinger, and middle finger of his legs is longer than the ring finger and little finger.
Legs are sometimes called Roman Foot. People who have a foot like this meant that he extroverts. Many entrepreneurs and renowned speakers have this type of foot like this.

2. All the toes are the same length.
People who have long toes with the same means that the person is reliable. Moreover, it also can mean that people are reasonable and rational and can make a big decision properly

3. Walking longitudinal
foot known as the Fire's feet have characteristics of a longer index finger. This makes it look like a corner of the triangle. Usually people who have feet like this has a personality that athletic, artistic, and very confident.

4. Walking downhill
People with this type have a toe that is longer and the shorter the further up to the little finger. People with feet like this indicates he has a personality that is moody and can keep a secret.

 5. The little finger that split
If you can separate the little finger without the aid of a hand, means you are adventurous, hate routine, and also easily bored.

6. Walking with the gap between the middle finger
If you have a gap between the second and third toes, you people are good at acting. You people can vary according to the condition of emotions.

7. Walking with acute angle
If the toes you have an acute angle, meaning you people are easily influenced by others. Bad and good you are, depending on the person that affect you.

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